Vacation Rental Insurance for Renters

Help protect non-refundable trip costs against cancellation due to sickness, bad weather, job loss and more.
See full list of covered reasons here.

*Helps cover cancellation risk prior to travel and cover your belongings & interruption risk during trip.

What do you get?





& Effects

What makes this
travel insurance different?

  • It can be purchased after final payment & up to 24h before check in.
  • Travel companions would be insured under the covered reservation.
  • Include other trip costs such as flights, car rental etc. under one policy.

Cancellation & Interruption

Up to $20,000 Vacation Rental or Timeshare Exchange.
Non refundable Prepaid Payments or Deposits for Vacation Rental & Timeshare Travel Arrangements.

Emergency Assistance

World Class Non-Insurance Emergency Assistance Services are available to you, 24/7 while you are on your trip, bringing you Global Peace of Mind.

Other Included Items

Car Rental Damage Protection
Baggage & Personal Effects
Accident & Sickness medical Expense
10 day Free Look

Lodging VR

For more than a decade iTreavelInsured has provided travel insurance to more than a million travelers worldwide. Our mission is to help travelers like you, protect their travel investment from the unexpected.

USA & Global Coverage

Whether you are traveling within United States or around the world, your vacation insurance policy will cover you.

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